Showrunner: Secrets from the Set

Showrunner: Secrets from the Set is a mini-series hosted by Stephanie Liu and is all about live video production.

Have you been wanting to produce videos? 

Thinking about being behind the camera and running the show? 

This show is for you. On Showrunner, Stephanie Liu tackles all of the big topics and helps you go from live streamer to live producer and showrunner.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    • The Evolution of Live Streaming and Live Video Production
    • Remote Live Video Production: Client Onboarding
    • Remote Production Tips: Structuring and Storyboarding your next Show
    • Live Streaming Checklist
    • Remote Live Production: How Much Do You Charge? (PLUS a Free Pricing Calculator!)
    • Troubleshooting Your Livestream: How to Plan Ahead and Get the Help You Need
  • 3
    • 📖Want a FREE Storyboard Template?
    • Read the Show Notes