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Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp is a 4-day virtual crash course in all aspects of live video and video production. Want to improve your video quality? Create engaging presentations? Speak on a virtual stage? Launch a virtual event? Build a YouTube channel? Run a successful course? We’ve got you covered.

Plus! Get exclusive access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, grab additional content, watch live videos with experts, and practice what you've learned in a friendly environment.

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Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp

Get access to 40+ sessions

  • 1
    • Welcome to Leap Into Live 2021!
    • Leap Into Live Guidebook
    • Introduce yourself to the #EcammFam!
  • 2
    • The Creator Economy: Welcome to the New Era with Stephanie Liu
    • How to Keep up with the Evolution of Content Creation with Diana Gladney
    • How to Monetize Your Message with Leslie Samuel (Sponsored by UScreen)
    • 9 Things I Learned From Live Streaming Every Day for a Year with Pat Flynn
  • 3
    • PANEL: Pro Tips for Content Creators (Sponsored by Camo)
    • 6 Lessons Streamers Can Learn from Short Form Video with Shelly Saves the Day
    • The Key to Content Creation (Hint: It's Something You Already Own) with Luria Petrucci
    • The Live Streamer's Guide to Instagram Content Creation with Marilou Mandl
  • 4
    • Say Goodbye to Shy - Overcoming Live Streaming Anxiety with Kathy Hester
    • 8 Easy Tricks to Boost Live Engagement with Ana Gil and Fuljens Henry
    • Outstanding Branding: Putting the YOU in YouTube with Tom Buck and Heather Ramirez
    • The Art of the Interview: How to Book the Best Guests and Create the Most Engaging Interviews with Kirk Nugent
    • 7 Audience Engagement Triggers That You Should be Using Now with Eliseo Way III
  • 5
    • PANEL: How to Successfully Monetize Your Live Streams (Sponsored by Uscreen)
    • 5 Revenue Streams that Every Live Streamer Needs to Have with Rob Balasabas
    • The Content Creator's Guide to Monetization Through Authenticity with Nicky Saunders
    • LIVE Q+A: The Best Ways to Set Up and Create Videos for Online Courses with XayLi Barclay
    • How Leveraging Live Video Turned My Online Course into a Community with Adrian Salisbury
  • 6
    • The Planner's Guide to Better Live Interviews with Yvonne Heimann
    • PANEL: Simple Steps to a Successful Live Show
    • The Art of Ikigi: 3 Ways to Uncover Your Strategic Market Opportunity with Dan Holloway
    • 3 FREE Chatbot Strategies To Grow your Live Streaming Audience with Kelly Noble Mirabella
  • 7
    • PANEL: Pro Tips for Podcasters
    • How and Why I Use Live Video to Grow My Podcast Reach with Jeff Sieh
    • Microphone Technology: Everything You Need to Know About Audio with Laura Davidson
  • 8
    • The 5 Most Popular Live Video Graphics (and how you can make your own!) with Bradley Vinson
    • 5 Easy Steps to Repurposing and Editing Your Content with Descript with Jay LeBoeuf
    • 5 SEO Opportunities You are Missing in Your Repurposing Strategy with Mike Allton
    • Create 10 Actionable Pieces of Repurposed Content with this Live Video Workflow with Ian Anderson Gray
  • 9
    • Why You Should Get a .LIVE Domain with Rob Toledo and Doc Rock
    • How to Create the Most Convenient Live Stream Set up for Musicians and Creatives with Henny Tha Bizness
    • The What, When, and How to Upgrade Your Studio: Advice on Strategies, Set, Software, and Gear with Marshall Fox
    • PANEL: Buy it Right or Buy it Twice: Why You Should Buy Gear You NEED Instead of What You WANT (sponsored by Elgato)
  • 10
    • PANEL: Pro Tips for Presenters
    • Steal These Ideas: Lessons From an Event Planner with Karlet Hewitt
    • The MAGIC of Ecamm: How a Mentalist Went From Zero Gigs to Having a Record Year with Alan Chamo
    • Discover the Six Essential Strategies to Plan and Host a Successful Live Event with Kevin Lyons
    • 7 Tips for Creating More Engaging Remote Meetings & Workshops with Cat Mulvihill
    • Connectivity - The Key to a Successful Live Stream with Alex Gizis

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